Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Be Jammin'

It feels strange to be posting this today, when the weather has been decidedly wintery. But it is summer and summer does mean strawberries, even though the sun is in hiding again.Last week we ordered some extra strawberries in our CSA box. When Jason was working overnight, the kids and I made strawberry jam after dinner. If you've never made jam before, you should try it! It's something fun that even young children can enjoy.
What could be better than smashing up hundreds of strawberries?
Perhaps adding a ton of sugar to those strawberries? I think so.
We smashed up enough strawberries to use up all of the canning jars that I had in the pantry!
We filled the jars and then boiled them in my stock pot using a canning rack.
During the ten minutes that the jars were in the pot, my kids asked me at least 67,000 times if they could eat a jar of jam now. But that defeats the purpose of sealing the lids on the jars and storing them... so we just ate some extra strawberries instead.
In the end, we had 11 jars of jam. Once I get more jars we are going to take advantage of the local harvest and make blueberry and cherry jam as well.
Of course, with a house full of kids this jam will be long gone before the strawberries are ripe next summer!
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