Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Decade Together

Monday was a special anniversary for me and my sweet, patient husband. Jason has put up with me for 10 years now, which is no small feat. Trust me. Aside from making me feeling a bit old, this feels like a pretty awesome milestone.

I've been thinking about how much our lives have changed over the last decade. When we said "I do" we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...

Ten years... in ten different houses.

...having six children, born over a 5-year span.

...surviving newborn twins. TWICE.

...visiting 47 states and living in 7 of them.

...Jason joining the Army and graduating from college. quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom. in our little car for a 12-passenger van.

...enduring multiple separations and one very long deployment.

...committing to make the best of any situation. Together.

Ten years have flown by already. (One-third of our lives!) And though we have weathered some rough times, we have always stood by each other. As corny as it may sound, we are still madly in love. There are times that we both want to knock each other over the head with a frying pan. I'm pretty sure that's normal. But I never imagined that I'd still get butterflies in my tummy when I see him after he's been gone for a little while. Or that simply having him next to me in bed at night would make me feel like I was in the safest place in the world. Ten years? I still can't believe it.

I am feeling totally blessed and completely grateful for everything in my life today. Jason is my sanity when I'm ready to lose my mind. He's my voice of reason when I'm tempted to be impulsive. He's endlessly patient, remarkably talented, amazingly intelligent, and hilariously funny. I still can't believe that I get to keep him!

We made it through all of the ups and downs of the last ten years and I am sure that the next ten years will be an adventure, too. I can't imagine what the future holds for us!
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