Friday, May 27, 2011

The Road So Far...

...has included rain, snow, hail, and warm sunshine.

...has taken us across mountains, over rivers, through forests, across grassy plains, and through big cities and small towns.

...has meant lots of pit stops, potty breaks, car seat snacking, watching movies in the van, and reading new books for the kids.

...has meant lots of Red Bull for me.

...has taken us over the Continental Divide (twice.)

...has brought us to visit family, friends, and homes we've lived in along the way.
...has led us to stay in 17 states.

...has meant teaching school lessons in unconventional places.

...has logged over 5,000 miles on our poor van.

...has led us from one coast to the other.

...has brought a lot of adventures, chaos, fun, excitement, homesickness, and happiness.

And tomorrow... we head home.

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