Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We Saw the White Stuff

It snowed last week...

...and then it melted.

But before the snow was gone, my children were anxious to get outside and eat it/throw it/build with it/stomp on it/watch it fall. You would think that they've never seen snow before. But of course they have.

Matthew made the world's smallest snowman with the light coating of snow that covered our deck.
Nathan stepped outside to watch for a minute. He has started making Ryan's "smiley" face for the camera. This was probably the first time that the little boys ever played in the snow because they were too little and the snow was way too high when we were in Virginia.
Our little snowman. Pathetic, I know. But we do the best with what we've got!
The snow was beautiful while it lasted... even if there wasn't much of it.

The evergreens look even more amazing when the snow is falling.
In the front yard, the neighborhood kids gathered and had a snowball fight. At one point I had at least a dozen kids in my yard building snowmen and snow forts. It was great! They built a snowman that was taller than Sarah! (Which actually isn't saying much since my poor girls are the size of 2-year olds.)
We went on a little hike in the woods and the girls made snow angels while Matthew and Joshua hurled rocks into the creek.

Then we came home and I baked fresh sugar cookies and made hot chocolate on the stove.

And all of that before Jason even came home from work!

I am finally able to post pictures again! Jason had to do a lot of work to get the computer situation under control. I still don't have the files that were on my hard drive, but we're going to find a place to recover them. Fortunately most of my photos were already saved on an external drive, but I hadn't backed up my computer since before Jason deployed. Oops. Lesson learned!
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