Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Kissed A Moose

(and I liked it.)

There's this little thing we've discovered since moving to Washington... When the sun comes out, you get out.
As in, go outside and soak up every bit of sunshine before it starts raining again.
That's exactly what we've been doing.

It's come to the point that we now drop everything and go outside if the sun comes out. I have never appreciated dry weather so much in my life!

Our last day out involved a family trip to a local wildlife park.
We rode a tram and saw some of the animals that call the pacific northwest home.

We were sitting right behind the driver and I'm sure we were a bit annoying. The driver would ask questions about the different animals and my kids would call out all of the answers. The driver loved it and wanted to know how my kids knew about all of these animals. I realized that my kids have really learned a lot from our crazy adventures.

My kids remembered visiting Granddad With No Hair and driving through the Rocky Mountains where we saw our first moose. The heard the elk bugling last fall. We drove with the bison in South Dakota. I think they are really taking it all in, even when I am not sure they'll remember the places we visit.

I am quite sure that the big kids will always remember our time living here though. We are finally settling in and feeling at home. It's such an important transition for military families.

Part of getting out and enjoying this place has meant bringing The Beast out of retirement. Yes, I thought we were past the point of needing a quad stroller. But I was wrong. The reality is, I have twin toddlers who run in opposite directions and twin girls who have tiny little legs that tire out after walking approximately 10 yards. The Beast makes life so much easier and we can get out and go anywhere!

And that's just what we're doing.

I realize that I really need to get a zoom lens for my camera. See those little furry blobs in this picture? Those are wolves.

This furry blob is a bear. Just so you know.

Sometimes Jason gets impatient with me when I'm pushing The Beast up a steep incline. He'll tease me and ask why I'm not walking faster. And then I'll say something about how the stroller weighs more than me (it really does!) and I've been doing P90X but I'm still just a girl and the stroller is heavy. And then he'll grab the stroller and sprint up the hills and the big boys will chase him and I'll be left at the bottom of the hill wondering what just happened. And then we laugh until we collapse.
Things are crazy. Things are good. I'm still reading and rereading all of the helpful comments about babysitters. I have a few leads and I'm hoping to find someone (or a couple of someones) who I can trust with my children once we get back from our big trip.

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