Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Good, Good Day

Wake up.

Nurse babies. (Can I still call them babies?)

Change diapers. (Potty training is not happening yet.)

Dress everyone.

Breakfast. (Muffins I baked yesterday. Easy.)

Check email. (Consider a mass delete but convince myself I will get caught up... someday.)
Decide to walk to Matthew's eye doctor appointment. (A little over 2 miles each way.)

Glorious sunshine.

Walk too quickly and arrive early. (Good exercise!)

Stop at coffee shop and grab coffee for me and cookies for the kids. (This negates all of the exercise, of course.)

Try to stop by library but it's closed.

Take all of the kids in to Matthew's appointment. (He has a minor eye problem and might need glasses.)

The eye doctor has the same first name and middle name as me. (And my middle name is very uncommon for someone my age!)

Kids get a prize from the "treasure chest" and we head home.

Explore under a bridge, touch moss, climb rocks, and pretend to be spies on the walk back.

Realize that I am not ready to part with "The Beast." (And that I am still in love with this wonderful, ginormous stroller!)

Come home and eat lunch. (Starving!!!)
Babies nap. (I think I really should stop calling them that.)

Big boys do school. (Can't get enough of the Greek Mythology we're studying right now!)

Try to check email. (Babies wake up.)

Bake a loaf of bread.

Clean house. (Why do I bother?)

Make dinner.

Eat. Talk. Laugh at Matthew's jokes. (How does the bee get to school? On a school buzz!)

Bedtime for kiddos. (Diapers and nursing and jammies, oh my!)

Clean up. Again.

Stand in front of computer and wonder where the day went. (Smile because we all survived!)
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