Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forcing Myself Out of My Shell

I'm not sure what's causing it, but I've become such a recluse lately! It's a battle just to get motivated to leave the house.

I wake up in the morning, look outside at the gray sky, and have no desire to go anywhere. As a result of this self-imposed house restriction, I am not exactly making new friends or having much social interaction.

Moving is nothing new to us. I have lived in 7 states just since Matthew was born. Usually I find my niche pretty quickly in a new place by hitting the local LLL meetings or the parents of multiples club or finding a homeschool co-op. Some of the first people that I met in the very first days that I was in Georgia are now the people who I still consider my good friends.

But for some reason, I haven't really made much effort to make friends here in Washington yet. (Maybe because I already know when we'll be leaving?) And that's going to change!

Last week I hosted a playdate at my house, met with a small group of mothers with twins, talked to one of the other LLL Leaders here in town, chatted with 2 of my neighbors, and tried to make contact with some local homeschooling families. I even invited some other moms over to talk about (and sew) cloth diapers! On Sunday I even got dressed up and went to a dinner for military wives. I am so out of my element here.

I'm making baby steps toward making friends in this new place. It feels... awkward. I'm the new person and I'm "the one with two sets of twins." Having those labels makes me feel like the odd one in any social situation. I'm trying not to think about that. Baby steps...

How do you make friends in a new place? How did you find your "community" of like-minded people? Anyone else have trouble getting motivated to go out and meet new people?

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