Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Day is it?

Have you ever felt like life was just moving too fast and you couldn't quite keep up? I have had a week like that and I've been frantically searching for the pause button.
Our days are so busy that I often find myself plopping into a chair at night and wondering where the day went. It gets away from me too quickly!

The girls have spent the better part of every morning this week inside their playhouse. They have tea parties and sell "ice cream" to each other. And then they fight about who is supposed to do what and then they make up and play some more. It's a very entertaining cycle to observe from the other room. I love using the mirrors in the hallway that provide a sneak peek into their room. These silly girls make me laugh so much!

The big boys have just finished up some studies on ancient Egypt and are now studying Greek Myths. They want me to read them every myth that I can find. They want me to help them draw minotaurs and match up planets that are named after Greek gods. We are having too much fun and before I know it, the babies are waking up from naps and it's time to start dinner.

Nathan and Ryan are resistant to my feeble potty training attempts. They are insistent upon climbing onto the kitchen counters using random objects, such as a drum or a couch cushion. They are hilariously entertaining and are in love with Mario and Luigi.

In the last month, 4 of my friends have found out they are pregnant. Two of them found out on the same day! When the kids overhead me on the phone the other day, they had some ideas of their own. Sarah told me that "we need another baby." Leila asked if I can "just have another baby." I laughed and told them to talk to Daddy. Then Joshua said, very seriously, "Just have one and surprise him so he won't get mad." They are hilarious, aren't they? I think we've had a similar conversation before.
I've been spending my early mornings working out and then feeding the kids. Then I have been making phone call after phone call and running around the house trying to escape the giggling, shrieking, and talking so that I can hear the person on the other end of the phone. Our tenants in our home in Virginia didn't pay their rent this month. I'm scheduling my surgery in Georgia instead of having it here in Washington. The moving company is picking over our claim for the items damaged during our move. I've been spending my evenings getting documents ready for tax filing. It's a constant list of things-that-must-be-done-or-the-earth-will-implode. Being a grown up is too much work sometimes, don't you think?
Jason had three 24-hour (actually, longer) shifts at work in the last week. We are both ready for the weekend and some sort of exploring. Last weekend we took the kids to Point Defiance and we explored around town. We had a blast just checking out the scene.

I'm working on a few new projects that will force me to make some time for myself. And one day I will get caught up on email and finish writing my next blog post and maybe get out and make some friends here... one day.

TGIF. Wait. It's not Friday yet?
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