Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One of Those Days

You know, one of those days...

We spent 2 hours today taking a scenic tour of a local town. (Read: I got really lost.) I was trying to meet up with some homeschooling families and got turned around and missed the whole get together. The kids were not pleased. I was disappointed.

I finally saw a doctor today about my recurring shin splints. My shin splints may actually be stress fractures in my legs and the doctor told me this morning that I need to stay away from anything high-impact until I'm recovered. This means no running. I hate not being able to run. Running is my release.

I tried to salvage the day by taking the kids to a park down the street for a picnic lunch. Nathan threw a fit on the way there and I realized that missing a nap and then going to the park was a bad combination. We ate lunch and tried to get our sillies out before walking back home.

A quick trip to the store went surprisingly well. After loading my six hooligans into the van to head home, I returned our two shopping carts to the cart corral. Then I came back to my van to find my driver's side door blocked by someone's empty shopping cart. They really had to park it up against my van door and just leave it there?

Tonight I have to hunt around the garage and find all of the items that were damaged by the movers. They're coming to inspect the damage tomorrow.

My grandmother was released from the hospital today (for the second time in as many weeks.) My mom got stuck in the sudden snowstorm that hit DC and it took her 3 hours to get home. I guess they are having one of those days too!

What do I do when I have one of those days?
Grin and bear it, of course!
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