Friday, December 03, 2010


We have the most beautiful assortment of leaves in our backyard right now.
Tonight we are leaving for a marriage retreat in the Cascade mountains. It's being offered by Jason's unit and the kids are coming too. And the dog. Maybe they should call it a family retreat?
Ryan talks in his sleep sometimes... mostly about Mario and Luigi.
Sarah laughs in her sleep and still sucks her fingers quite loudly. Leila still sucks her fingers too. When are they going to outgrow this?
Getting six children to smile (or even look at the camera) for a Christmas picture is virtually impossible.
A new mom who is pregnant with twin girls came by my house yesterday. And she was not scared by what she saw at my house. She's going to be an awesome mom, don't you think?
Random fact of the day: I used to be a Power Ranger.
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