Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Guests (of the 4-Legged Variety)

We have some new visitors at our house. And I hope they don't stay very long. It's not that I don't enjoy holiday guests... it's just that these guests bring more poop and you know I don't need more of that.

For the last couple of weeks we have had a coyote pooping in our driveway. Yes. A pooping coyote. I could not make this up if I tried! At first, Jason thought it was a dog but then we noticed that the poop was a strange color and was full of berries and tiny bones and fur. Gross.

It turns out that the coyote has been hanging out in our driveway eating the mice that are in my van. Yes. Mice in my van!!!

When we moved into this house it had been vacant for a few months and although it was clean and empty, there were mice in the third garage. There is a large double garage that is connected to the house and then a small, third garage that is only accessible through the outside garage door. In that small garage was a trash can that was left behind after the previous family moved out and so there were mice in that garage. I don't use that garage so we hadn't done anything to get rid of the mice yet. I did not realize that the little creatures would attract bigger creatures.

I thought I'd gotten the mice to stay out of our van by treating it with peppermint oil. I dropped some cotton balls doused in peppermint oil under each row of seats. The kids don't eat in the van and the van is actually really, really clean so I'm not sure what the mice are doing in there. I'm getting really frustrated now. I hate poop.
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