Monday, November 08, 2010


...think the rainy weather in Tacoma is fitting for fall. (Not sure I'll tolerate it so well in a few months.)

...can't believe it's November. Already.

...cooked squash twice recently and liked it.
...miss spending Thanksgiving with family and being only 500 miles from "home" instead of 3,000 miles away.

...can't wait to go skiing this winter.

...started doing P90x workouts and they are kicking my butt.

...let my twin boys wear bracelets that say "I love boobies." listening to my twin boys say they love boobies.

...saw a double rainbow yesterday.

...found a new church home (I think.)

...can't wait for Jason to go back to work so things will feel "normal" again. Is that awful to say?

...used to have long hair.

...have short hair now.

...donated 12 inches of hair for the 5th time in the last ten years. This time, I did it in honor of my friend Jill's daughter, Evy, who is beating brain cancer. She's an amazing little girl (and a twin) and she is a walking, talking miracle.
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