Friday, September 10, 2010

When It's Good, It's Great & When It's Bad, It's Awful

That's the story of my life. Feast or famine. It's never just "normal."

Right now, it's great. I think things can only keep getting better from here.

Jason is not home yet. The days cannot pass quickly enough. It feels like we've been in Washington forever! Has it only been one week?!

We are on the tail end of whatever virus welcomed us to The Evergreen State. I'm feeling good and all of the kids are healthy except Sarah.

Today we found a sweet photographer who will be there when we welcome Jason back home. What a blessing!

Perhaps best of all, I think we have found a house! I dare not mention how perfect it is, for fear that it will evaporate before my eyes and I will be left to live out my days in the camper. Forever. Let's just say that I know you have all been praying for us throughout this journey and it seems as though things may finally start to fall into place.

Tenants moved into our house in Georgia last week. Yesterday I found a rental house here. Today I dragged the crew to the moving office to schedule the delivery of our household goods. We may be living with furniture again soon, for the first time since March.

Did I mention Jason is coming home soon?!

It's still raining. But I think I can live with that.
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