Friday, August 13, 2010

Seven Things I've Learned From Life on the Road

1. Expect the unexpected. Things includes things such as injuries (torn ligament, anyone?) or an escaped cat.

2. No matter how many times you ask the other children if they have to pee while already stopped for the first child to pee, they will all answer "no" until 7 miles down the road when the urge suddenly strikes them unexpectedly.

3. West Virginia is the longest state ever. It is entirely possible to drive in and out of it ten times on the same trip. Our route today went from WV to MD to WV to MD to WV to PA to WV to OH. Damn that panhandle!

4. Kansas is the most boring state ever. I didn't learn that on this trip, but it bears repeating.

5. Internet friends are even more fun in person than they are online. And their kids are even cuter too!

6. It is impossible to get a decent wifi connection anywhere without sleeping inside a Starbucks... which I have actually considered.

7. Dumping the black tank (aka poop chute) on a camper is not as foul as you might expect. Just be sure to wear gloves. (wearing gloves is hard with a splint on your finger too.)
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