Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Numerically Speaking

1 week of VBS survived (unlike last year!)
4 days of Matthew having mysterious nighttime headaches, finally over

1,000 miles driven this weekend

6 kids glad to be home

1 teenage nephew returned to his rightful owners

88,888 miles on our van (68,000 of those since Feb 2008)

49 days until we leave Georgia

0 offers on our house
2 months of traveling cross-country in a camper starting in August

36 states that my kids have visited (soon to be 45 once we make it to Washington)
2 summers spent homeschooling on the road

5 more doctor's appointments before I leave Georgia

2 hours spent at the doctor yesterday with 6 cranky children while I had my eyes checked
4 times I was asked if I had quads

15 times I was told "You have your hands full!"

18 months since Jason left home
3 months until Jason comes home again

178 days since I last saw Jason

1 deployment almost over
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