Monday, June 28, 2010

I Change My Plans More Often Than Most People Change Their Underpants

I can't help myself!

I tend to over-analyze situations and, as my dad pointed out, tend to underestimate the negatives. It's that damn optimism in me!

After thinking it through and talking to Jason, I canceled the surgeries. There are a number of reasons, but ultimately I think it's best to wait until I get to Washington. For one, I currently wear Invisalign braces and they would be impossible to wear with the swelling from the salivary gland surgery. If I don't wear them, I'll end up ruining my teeth. Since this is the third time I've had braces and the second time that I've paid out of pocket for them, I'm not letting that happen. Second, I am not supposed to change altitudes after the ear surgery and my trip to visit my dad (in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado) would be ruined. Plus, I'll be traveling less than 3 weeks after the surgery date and if I have any complications, I won't be able to easily seek medical care. It just makes sense to wait.
Yet again, I go and switch things around. I just like to make things difficult I guess?

I'm sure that my trip out west will not be exactly as I plan. I'm sure that we'll end up with road detours, cranky kids, or camping drama. I'm expecting the unexpected.

For now, my best laid plans include stops in North Carolina and Virginia to visit friends and family. From there we'll visit Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. We will stop and stay with my dad in Colorado before our final leg of our journey takes us through Utah, Idaho, and Oregon... ultimately ending up in Washington!

Whether we'll end up seeing all of the sights we plan to see? I don't know. Whether we'll survive life in a camper? Anyone's guess.

One thing is certain though... I'm going to be in Washington in just a few weeks. I plan to arrive in time to attend the redeployment briefing at Ft. Lewis and leave plenty of time for changes in travel plans and unforeseeable delays. I will be there to welcome Jason home... Now what should I wear?
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