Monday, May 03, 2010

This Is How We Party!

I am a pretty lame mom when it comes to birthday parties. We don't do the whole party thing. It's just cake and presents and a special day with family. I always bake a special cake and let the birthday child pick what they'd like to do. Lately we've gone out to eat at Red Robin and had cake at home for dessert. It's totally low-key but I think that's good when you've got 6 kids ages 7 and under.

This year Daddy observed the festivities from his perch over the mantle. (He has startled several guests who don't know about Flat Daddy!)
I decided to let the girls open birthday presents before breakfast. 'Cause I'm cool like that.

Do you see Nathan trying to put the Tinkerbell crown on Ryan in this picture? So funny!
Leila and Sarah donned their Tinkerbell gear and fluttered around the house sprinkling us with imaginary pixie dust. It made me realize how much fun they are at this age. (I can't believe they are four!!!)

The fairies took a break to have their first pedicures. I had promised them that I'd paint their toenails for their birthday. So I did. And then Matthew cried and insisted I paint his too. I told him that most boys don't wear pink, sparkly polish on their toes. I think he just needs some more of my attention sometimes.
My cakes this year were definitely some of the worst ones I've made. I didn't have my cake pans or icing bags and so I had to wing it. I borrowed some things from a friend and threw together two ballerina cakes with hearts on top. It was pink and there were ballerina Barbies, so Leila and Sarah were totally ok with the final product.
And because Barbie kept falling over, I had to shove her legs down into the cake until she was knee-deep in icing. What could be better than licking sugary sweet icing off of your new Barbie? The girls were pleased.
We had friends over for cake and it was so much fun having 12 kids (all ages 7 and under!!!) in the house together. Amazingly, our kids play really well together and it doesn't feel any harder having a dozen kids than just having my own six. Interestingly enough, my fiends' children include 3 sweet foster children, the younger two being only 19 months and 8 months old. So with her 19-mo boy and my two 19-mo boys, we had virtual triplets! Then when you look at the ages and birth dates of the other kids, we had more virtual twins as well. It's so much fun to spend time with them!
Leila and Sarah had their hair styled by master stylist Matthew. He was so gentle as he brushed their hair and fixed it just right. Why can't they always be so kind to each other?

The party was so much fun! My mom even drove down to bring the rest of my boxes to me so she was here with us when we went out for dinner at Red Robin. Good times.
And now I have twenty cute, little pink toes running around in this house of testosterone. It's such a blessing having twin girls!

Now, if I can just survive another year...
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