Wednesday, April 07, 2010

No Georgia Peaches

It's safe to say that there are no Georgia peaches in my house despite the fact that we all made it safely south yesterday. We all stink and it's the longest I've ever gone without a shower. We smell like a road trip, not peaches.

The drive took just over 11 hours and I towed my trailer with a roof carrier attached to it so I hauled a heavy load. In the van were the kids, the dog, the cat, the guinea pig, and Flat Daddy. It was quite the adventure... as always.

We returned to find our home in disarray. The yard is a disaster and things need a good cleaning. I'll be a busy lady for the next few months. We also have no hot water (the reason for my poor personal hygiene at the moment) as well as no phone, tv, or Internet. The big kids played in the backyard almost all day long today. I never realized how much they used their swing set until it was gone. They are so happy to be back home!

I was blessed to return to friends eager to help and was delighted to have my fridge and freezer stocked today and visits from three good friends. I am even going to have a mattress to sleep on next week! I realized when packing that our air mattresses are in Washington inside jason's car so we are sleeping on the floor. A bed will be pure heaven!

If there was any doubt that I should return to Georgia, it was squelched during these last few days. I feel most welcome here, surrounded by loving friends. Our house in Virginia was never vacant. A beautiful family moved in the day I moved out. I feel good about my choice, as hard as it was to make.

Now I'll be busy working on this house and praying that the next transition to Washington goes as smoothly. I don't think I can handle any more stress for the rest of my life. (You're laughing, right?)
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