Saturday, March 06, 2010

Twins Mystify Me

I have been doing this "twin thing" for almost 4 years now but they still mystify me. Perhaps at some point it will get old and I'll no longer be fascinated by their unique bond. Or maybe not. It's uncanny how they finish each others' sentences and make the same expressions at the same times. It just never ceases to amuse me.
I took Leila & Sarah to Cartoon Cuts to get their first real haircuts. Of course Sarah went first since she is always brave for her cautious sister. They had their hair washed by a giant elephant (you should have heard them describing that to everyone afterward) and cut by a sweet stylist. When the stylist saw Sarah's hair she agreed that we needed to go short. No 3-year old deserves a mullet. So she cut a cute bob and that was that. And when Leila saw it she immediately changed her mind about keeping her hair long and wanted the exact same cut as her sister. I was a little surprised because even I wanted them to have long hair and Leila had been adamant about not getting hers cut.

But after they were both finished and I saw how adorable they looked, I was totally ok with both girls getting their hair chopped off.
As we left the salon and headed back out into the mall we had shoppers stop to gawk at the girls. They love the attention (I don't) so I snuck around corner, out of sight, and let them pose while I snapped a few pictures with my phone. Then we sent the pictures to Daddy and waited for a reaction. (He loved their new 'dos so it's all good!)

When we got home the girls wanted me to take more pictures. I took two quick pictures on my phone so they could see their new haircuts and when I showed them, they couldn't tell who was who! My own daughters can't tell each other apart in photos. Should I be worried? Should I laugh? Am I damaging them by letting them have the same haircut?
What I find the most interesting is that in both photos the girls are making the same faces. I often notice that they have similar reactions to situations and sometimes I giggle when they both smirk the same way or share the same silly smile. Oddly enough, it still entertains me when Nathan and Ryan do the same things too. It hasn't gotten old yet! I guess this is why strangers stop us when we're out in public. Twins are mystifying, even to me.
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