Thursday, March 04, 2010

Chop Chop

Leila and Sarah had a mini fashion show last week as we dug through piles of clothing to sell and donate. It was the perfect opportunity for them to try on each and every article of clothing that they've worn in the last 2 years. And then it was a chance for them to exclaim "Oooh! It's pretty! Let's keep it!"
Fortunately I was able to purge a great deal of (adorable) clothing. Many of these cute dresses went to another set of identical twin girls from our local multiples club. Ironically their parents own the house across the street from us and they rent it out too. I enjoyed meeting the sweet girls who will wear my girls' outgrown clothing.
Sarah has always been into making these weird faces and posing in odd positions. And now that she's taking ballet classes she strikes these little ballerina poses that just crack me up!
I wish that Jason had his computer so he could see these crazy girls. Hopefully his trunk of personal items will arrive next week. (Finally!!!)
See what I mean about Sarah?
As I looked at these pictures I realized one thing: my daughters are adorable! Ok, actually I realized two things. They are adorable and they need haircuts.

Sarah has always had major hair issues from her cowlick and from her incessant hair twirling. She's been nearly bald before. Recently she developed a scary sort of mullet. Her hair is thin, stringy, and falling out in clumps. So it was time for a big chop chop.
These are the last pictures of my sweet girls with long hair. Tomorrow I'll post the after pictures!
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