Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Art as Therapy

I think that Crayola makes the world's best products ever. Crayons are like a key to my kids' minds and they open up all of the little thoughts inside there. We are totally using art as therapy here.
Matthew is drawing pictures of Daddy in a tent with a helicopter and on the other side of his drawing he has made our house, complete with a very patriotic (although upside down) American flag. And next door to our house is our church. I swear that I can look at his art work and feel what he's feeling. It's amazing.
Another bonus to lots of coloring time is that I can just chase and cuddle babies while the bigger kids sit at the table. Because if I turn my back for a second, bad things happen. My sweet babies pull chairs down, knock cups of water over, and stick small things in odd places. They are constantly searching for ways to make mischief.
So when I'm trying to have a minute to make lunch for the kids I can whip out the crayons and let them sit at the table for a few minutes of peace. That occupies 4 out of 6 kids. Now if I just could figure out how to keep the little baby monsters from destroying the house during that 10 minute period. I'm thinking some duct tape could be in order.
Joshua was busy drawing in church this week. He drew Jesus on the cross and an angel... and a whole lot of letters that I don't understand.

And then, he drew what is perhaps the most disturbing picture of all. And it's a family portrait.
That's Jason, Matthew, Sarah, Leila, Joshua, and me. And apparently Nathan and Ryan had not yet been conceived, as evidenced by the large sperm swimming up the bottom of the paper. Apparently he knows more about that subject than Matthew does.

I'm scared.
And I've even more scared because Leila has her first crush. On a real boy. He happens to be in high school but she isn't worried about little details like that. She wants to carry his picture around and she gets all giddy when she looks at it. She can't stop giggling! The boy is actually the younger brother of the girl who has been coming to help me on Monday nights. Leila is completely smitten. She has met him before and I never noticed it until she saw his photo and now it's official. She has a crush.

Forget art as therapy. I'm going to need to call in a professional... for me.
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