Monday, February 22, 2010

Somebody Loves Me

It's better than having a secret admirer.

It's way better than receiving roses.
Today this odd package was delivered to our doorstep.

Can you guess what was inside?

Can you believe it?! A snow shovel!!!

My kids squealed as if they'd just opened a gift box with a little puppy inside or something. They are so excited!

Matthew wasted no time throwing on a shirt and heading outside to shovel. We still have several feet of snow piled on either side of our driveway with just enough room to squeeze into the van. We can't even get into the garage because there is so much snow piled there. And our trailer is stuck and I need to use it this weekend to take things to the twins club consignment sale. I was hoping that the snow would melt before then. Now I don't have to wait for a big thaw!

Whoever you are, my secret snow shovel pal, I want to thank you. This is about so much more than a shovel. It's about feeling loved and that's the most special gift of all. My kids and I thank you! Things are getting better and better each day and I'm feeling more and more hopeful, positive, and ambitious.

(To all who have emailed me, I'm working my way through the many emails because each of you deserve a personal response. I'm going to get that tackled very soon!)
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