Monday, January 18, 2010

Mondays Are Just So Blah

Although I don't work outside the home and my kids don't go to public school, I still find myself dreading Monday. Don't Mondays make the week feel so long?

My van battery died over the weekend. Add that to my growing list of Things I Don't Want To Do And Will Put Off Doing Until Absolutely Necessary.

I tried to start our tax return today and the software I was using (free from Military One Source) is acting up and won't let me finish.

Still no tenants for our house in Georgia.

On the bright side, I did finally perfect my morning cup of java. Today it was a vanilla latte followed by a delicious mocha. (Secret? I needed a bolder coffee for the espresso shots. Got some French Roast from Starbucks and all is right in the world.) And then I chugged a Red Bull for lunch. What has happened to me? I'm a caffeine addict all of a sudden??

It could be that the caffeine makes up for the sleepless nights. Last night I finally crashed after spending Saturday night up for hours. I kept dreaming of intruders in my house (and hearing creepy sounds) and was replaying events from earlier that day when I was talking to Jason. Something about hearing about attacks on the base that just didn't sit well with me I guess.

On Friday the kids and I ended up sleeping over at my sister-in-law's house after I made a stupid mistake. Apparently I walked out of my house and left without locking the door because I returned home Friday evening to find my front door sitting wide open. It was about 12 inches open, very obvious. I freaked out and didn't want to spend the night there. Then on Saturday night Matthew and the babies and I stayed there while the girls and Joshua slept over at my sister-in-law's house again.

This morning I did something naughty. I have this big fear of doing a mass delete of my inbox, but I had 1,000 emails that were sitting there and that's the limit for my inbox. Instead of deleting, I just created a folder called "2009 Mail To Be Read" and dumped them there. If you've ever sent me an email and never got a reply, I apologize. I swear I'll go back and read those emails and respond accordingly... some day!

Today is just a blah day. I'm actually in a really good mood though! I just dread another week looming ahead. I think I need some Vitamin D or something! Bring on the sunshine!
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