Monday, January 25, 2010

I Think My Kids Have Tapeworms


I think my kids must have parasitic organisms feeding on their food from their insides. How else could they eat so much?

For example, their average lunch would be a sandwich, yogurt, a fruit, and something else (crackers, carrot sticks, etc.) And a cup of water. They will devour this is under 5 minutes and then scream that they are staaarrrrving!

Of course, they also had a full breakfast (usually cereal & fruit) followed by a mid-morning snack (again, usually fruit) plus some additional snacks when I feed the babies (a handful of raisins, some crackers, etc.) But they are never full! They eat all. day. long.

We will likely be bankrupt by the time all 6 of them are teenagers. (Six teenagers at once? That thought alone terrifies me.) They go through $30 of fruit in a week now!

Am I alone on this one? Do your kids have worms too? Make me feel better.

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