Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Hate To Be Picky...

... but is it to much to ask that my birthday not completely suck?


Well, it's only 9pm here and I've still got 3 hours until it's tomorrow. But I have 6 kids with the flu here and my fever just hit me at 102 degrees. I have 6 kids who need to be held, watched, cuddled, and cared for and now I'm sick too? This must be some kind of sick joke.

I'm most worried about Nathan and Ryan, who haven't been eating. Nathan refuses to nurse too, so I'm concerned about dehydration. Joshua had an asthma attack at 3am this morning. I had 4 sick kids in my bed last night and one more coughing in the hall.

I finally started to get over the horrible back pain I was having last week and now this?

And those cramps that I'm feeling are just further proof that my body has chosen this moment to resume that beautiful cycle of fertility that keeps bringing me babies, two by two. Thank goodness Jason is thousands of miles away! But seriously? My period and the flu? And my birthday too?

If this is any indication of how my thirties will be, I'm not sure there's enough chocolate in the world to help me.

Oh, and I have a confession to make: I have become a coffee drinker. It started last month and now it's been a daily thing for a few weeks. This is in addition to my insane Hershey's Kisses addiction. I am a weak person, what can I say? Chocolate and coffee call my name and I must go to them and savor them slowly.

Hey, it could be worse right? Don't answer that.
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