Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rhino Rumps, Rabbits, and Really Big Cars

I'm sure that after this next post you'll all stop reading my blog because you just can't stand any more Disney pictures! But since I know my dad is reading my blog, I'm going to post more pictures. He's got to see his grandkids somehow, right?
See those princesses in Leila's hand? They haven't left her hand since we got home. They are still in her hand right now, as a matter of fact.
A highlight of the trip for my oldest son? A huge, muddy rhino rump. Yes, he was excited to see that this rhinoceros decided to stand just a few feet from where he was sitting. I was not so excited that our "safari" was delayed and I was trapped for 20 minutes inside our "Jeep" with one whining daughter and 2 crying sons. Jason and I had to tag team as I nursed the babies while we sat in "Africa." Good times. At least that quieted them down!
This girl just cracks me up. And makes me crazy. She is just a bundle of spunky, sneaky silliness. I hesitate to use the word strange, but I feel it applies. She has a sick fascination with messes. She's the one who drank out of the toilet bowl when she was two. She steals food and hides under the table to eat it. She pours water onto the couch cushions. She puts putty in her hair (thanks to my mother-in-law for that gift.) Oh, Sarah. My crazy girl!
Here is the group picture we took when we met Abby. Abby is having complications from her chemo right now so please lift her up in prayer. She is just the sweetest little girl. Joshua loved her right away and wanted to sit next to her on the rides. They're the same age. I can't imagine all that she and her family have gone through since her diagnosis. Please keep her in your thoughts!
What trip would be complete without a family picture with 2 ginormous rabbits?
Nathan was happy just to kick his feet up and relax while Mommy pushed over 150 lbs of kids in "The Beast." By the way, "The Beast" is the stroller for those of you wondering. (Do I need to add a picture of it on the sidebar? It feels like a member of our family.)
Matthew is obsessed with cars. He always has been, ever since he was a baby. Meeting the real Lightning McQueen and Mater was like a dream come true! He and Joshua were too scared to go up and meet them by themselves so Jason went too.
My Lilo and Stitch met the real Lilo and Stitch! Ok, so I haven't used those nicknames in a long time... but I used to call the girls that when they were babies.
Leila finally cracked a smile! And she hasn't stopped talking about meeting Ariel since we got home. She even told a lady in Target last night. Apparently the experience was life-changing for my Little Mermaid fan. I was a bit weirded out by Ariel's blindingly pale bare abdomen and perky purple seashell bra. But hey, she was pretty authentic!
Sometimes I like to sit and stare at my baby boys and their beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes. There is just no way those blondies came out of me. Will the real twin mama please stand up?

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