Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing Like A Doo Doo Fest

Ryan found himself in a stinky situation yesterday. Be warned: if you are eating, you don't want to read this part of my post. Trust me.
My sweet little guys were playing on the floor in our new kitchen yesterday. They had on t-shirts and diapers since it's still nice and warm here right now. We have a cool play tunnel from Ikea that the babies love. They were crawling in and out of the tunnel as I washed dishes at the sink. I was laughing at them as they played a game of peek-a-boo with each other. They were laughing hysterically! Then things went wrong. Really, really wrong.

Ryan started crying and crawled out of the tunnel towards me. I could see he had something on his mouth and chin and he was crawling funny and trying not to use his hands. My heart was racing. I feared the worst. And my suspicions were confirmed with a quick glance at Nathan, who was naked from the waist down. The velcro tab on one side of his diaper had come loose and he had managed to slide his leg out of the other leg hole, leaving him bare-bunned on the kitchen floor. Ryan had found a little turd nugget and eaten it.

In a split second I had to choose between cleaning up Nathan, who still had a bit of doo doo lurking in his nether regions, or cleaning up Ryan, whose hands and face were coated with the offensive mess. Ryan won. I scooped him up while screaming my made up words that I use in place of obscenities (son of a biscuit! sanitation! farfignewton! crimeny!) as the other kids roared with laughter. It was the funniest thing they'd ever seen. I rushed Ryan to the sink and washed his mouth out with water and scrubbed him down with soap. Then I had to catch Nathan and clean up his trail of poo across the floor. To be even more honest (and disgusting) I'll admit that our dog, Delmar, helped a bit with the cleanup process.

Once Nathan had been wiped down and the entire area had been sanitized, I gave Ryan some Cheerios. Obviously he'd been hungry and just reached for the wrong tasty morsel. Then I nursed him to remove any remnant of the nastiness in his mouth. And then I called my 14-year old nephew to wish him a happy birthday and tell him about the Doo Doo Fest. Because a teenage boy can certainly appreciate the humor in a good poop story. And he did.
I'm hoping today is a bit less exciting. Ryan's probably hoping that too.
In other news, I am still shocked that these little guys are not walking yet. I think that God has given me a break this time around. The other kids all walked at 9 or 10 months and here I have two boys that are almost 13 months old and still not even standing. I love it! It is so much easier! I am enjoying every minute of it. Nathan has started to try standing for a few seconds. I just knock him over. (Just kidding!) Maybe they are saving it for when they see Daddy again.
We are counting down the weeks now until our big trip to Disney. You didn't think our travel adventures were over, did you? Disney is doing a huge military discount this year and we know it's the only time we'll be able to afford to take 6 kids to Disney World. We'll be spending 5 days at Disney for just under $300. It's sort of a final good-bye for Jason since he deploys to Iraq as soon as he gets to Washington. We are looking forward to our big family vacation and hoping it makes the transition easier for all of us.

Never a dull moment in this house!
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