Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Twins Are Quiet... are in serious trouble.

Usually this will mean that they have filled the toilet with toilet paper and flooded your bathroom. Or they have eaten a tube of chapstick. Or they may have torn open a box of cereal and hidden under a table to eat it. But this time it was worse.

Yesterday I had the bright idea to let the kids paint these wooden birdhouses that we had purchased a few weeks ago. My friend and her 2 children were at my house too. Things went remarkably well while we were painting. After we were finished I made the terrible mistake of leaving the paint bottles up on the kitchen counter. Fast forward to dinner time last night. I'm nursing the babies and Jason starts yelling. The girls had poured 6 (nearly full) bottles of acrylic paint into a plastic show box. They were covered in paint. Sarah had both hands completely coated in it! The worst part was when I saw that they had painted on the dining room chairs. We're living in a furnished rental and have managed to go 2 months without any major incidents. Now it's 4 days before we leave and the girls have ruined furniture.

I should have known. It was way too quiet. Lesson learned (again.)

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my post but I'm sharing them anyway. The photo I posted yesterday and these 3 photos were taken in an old ghost town cemetery. It was a mining/railroad town that died out years ago when the railroad stopped coming through the area. All that's left of it are a few old houses, a school house, some store fronts, and a creepy cemetery. The cemetery is actually up on the top of a hill in a remote part of the former town. The boys and I hiked over there and were sufficiently freaked out.
The view was amazing from the top of the hill but the graves were pretty unsettling. Most of the graves were marked by nothing more than a cross or even just a pile of rocks. Some were children's graves and a few had little trinkets resting near them. These were old graves in an old ghost town and I was by myself with my two boys in the desert. I snapped a few pictures and then we hightailed it out of there!
In other news, it seems that my record-setting headache is finally gone! Nathan's fever is gone too so I'm sure we must have had some kind of virus. No other symptoms-just the weird, high fever for him and the lovely throbbing head for me.

I have to admit that I'm a bit sad about next week. Nathan and Ryan will turn one and I'm just in denial. Aren't they still newborns? What???? How did this happen? Somebody, please, make them stop!
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