Friday, September 25, 2009


Lately, my life has been turned upside down. I'm surrounded by boxes. I'm surrounded by children. I can't find my dishes. I don't have any curtains (Hello, new neighbors!)
I don't have enough baby gates. I can't find my drill. I have been living without phone, television, and internet. Our fridge is (still) pretty empty.
We have had to take a break from school work. We have had to drive to Maryland to pick up our new washer and dryer. We have made ourselves known at the local Target already. We desperately need to have a fence put up in our backyard.
We are battered and bruised. Nathan has a black eye and I am covered from head to toe in black and blue-proof that I am working way too hard. We have only my sister-in-law and nephew to help as we move box after box into the new house. It's a slow process. I hate it.

Yes, life is chaotic. Yes, I long for some sense of normalcy. We miss Jason. We miss familiarity. We are struggling. But we are making the best of it. This too shall pass.

I am the eternal optimist, after all.
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