Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop-Favorite Photos

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite photos. They are mostly older photos but they make me smile because I can remember exactly how I felt when each one was taken.I love this picture because it is the very last picture that I took of Matthew and Joshua before the girls were born. It was April of 2006 and Matthew was 3 and Joshua was not yet 2 years old. I was just days away from giving birth and I was full of anticipation. Such an exciting time!
The girls were a few months old when I took this picture in the fall of 2006. At this point I was still in complete disbelief that I had twin daughters. I would just stare at them in amazement. (Ok, so I still do that now...)

Yes, this is the cheesiest picture ever but it was our first family photo for our church directory.
I love this picture because there is nothing sweeter than my husband holding his babies in his arms. And apparently I have a thing for posing in front of doors...

...as I was saying, posing in front of doors. Babies in arms. Love it.

Joshua was wearing Jason's Army gear and Jason was getting ready to leave for the field. I was nervous about being alone with 4 children for weeks at a time. (If only I knew then what the future held!) I was scared and sad, but this kid can always make me smile!

Here we go again with the posing in front of doors. This time it's my dad and his favorite (and only) grandchildren. This was the last family picture we took before Nathan and Ryan were born last September. I was getting ready to go from family of six to family of eight and welcome my second set of twins. Good times!
I love these babies. My heart melts when I see them! Are they really getting ready to turn one already?

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