Monday, August 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

We survived the Grand Canyon! Pictures and a post coming soon...

We are down to our final weeks in Arizona. Is it really almost September already? Now it's time for me to start planning for our trip back to Virginia and I need some help.

If you were driving from Arizona to Colorado, what route would you take? I can detour through Vegas and then we could see St. George, Utah. Or I can go the more direct route through New Mexico. But New Mexico doesn't like me. From freak, blinding, April blizzards to hail, UFOs and gale-force winds, it's obvious that New Mexico and I don't mix. I'd rather not drive through New Mexico by myself again. So which way should I go?
Once I get to Colorado I'll be spending time in my dad's mountain home in Grand Lake. We will celebrate the babies' first birthday there and Jason is flying up to visit just to be there for it! I don't get to see my dad very often and his move to Colorado was one of the saddest times in my life. We've always had a close relationship (he raised me during my teen years) and when my dad moved halfway across the country 9 years ago, I was devastated. I am so excited to see him again and take the kids to the great Rocky Mountains again.

From there I'll be leaving to drive to Virginia. It's a drive I've done many times-although never by myself with 6 children in tow. I would like to take my time and stop a few times along the way. Do you know any must-see spots along the way? I want to make a list of places we want to visit. If I don't make it there now, I'll make it there next fall.

Have I mentioned that I'll be driving from Virginia to Washington next October? (Laurel, I can't wait to see you!) I'll actually be going from Virginia to Ft. Lewis, WA and back again. I want to use that time to visit some states we've never seen and visit friends along the way. So if you know of a stop we can't pass up (Yosemite is on my list) let me know. I'm up for (almost) anything!
Now I need to get back to masterminding my plot to take over the country. One state at a time.
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