Monday, August 31, 2009

The Countdown Is On!

Since I'm traveling from Arizona to Colorado this week, I'm going to dig up some old posts from this time last year. Today I'm driving to New Mexico with my dad (who flew in late last night) and then tomorrow we'll drive the rest of the way to the Mile High City.

Originally posted on August 4, 2008.

WARNING: Some of the following images may be disturbing to... well, pretty much to anyone who looks at them.

The belly (aka "the torpedo") last week at 33 weeks.

I included my face so that you can see that the weight gain is not limited to my round belly. My face, arms, and neck have packed on a few pounds. I'm up over 65 lbs now.

Oh, and let's not forget the swelling! I am sure the water in my hands and feet accounts for at least 20 extra pounds. The kids like to leave dents in my feet and legs and draw pictures on me. Jason finds it all quite disturbing.

When you are as big as a Volkswagen you cannot move very quickly. Today's proof? Leila busted her lip (again!) when playing in the hallway. She hit it on a toy but how she got it to bleed so much I will never understand. Another fat lip for poor L who seems to be following in J's footsteps lately as far as injuries are concerned.
In other news, we are looking forward to an exciting week! My dad (aka "Granddad with No Hair") is coming to visit on Saturday. He lives in Denver so we don't see him often and it's a real treat for the kids. Plus, this will be some much-needed help for me!

On Friday I bought the ingredients to make 30 meals to freeze for after the babies arrive. This week is when I need to get them made and frozen so we will be ready. After all, the babies could come anytime now. (I'm not holding my breath though... I wouldn't be surprised to got to 39 weeks again.)

I have also gotten the birth supplies out. I had almost everything I needed but ordered some cord clamps and a new peri bottle. The supplies are hidden in my closet so as not to scare any potential homebuyers that may walk through our house in the next few weeks.

And in not-so-exciting news, our dishwasher has broken again! This house will be 3 years old this month but somehow our dishwasher has crapped out on us 5 times in those 3 years. I have a new found respect for the mothers who had to wash dishes by hand before the wonderful invention of the dishwasher came along. I did 9 sinkfuls of dishes yesterday and that was just one day of dishes for our little family of six. My back was breaking and I was cursing under my breath and then I started to think of what it must have been like 100 years ago. That shut me up pretty quick!

My goal for today is to dye diapers. I have a washer full of prefolds and fitteds waiting to be colored with gorgeous shades of green, blue, purple, pink, and yellow. Time to make a mess!

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