Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do You Want on Your Tombstone?

Tombstone, AZ is known as "the town too tough to die." Perfect spot to take our chaotic crew!
I decided to take a cue from the other tourists and take a picture of my family. You know it's pretty bad when you have to wait in line to photograph your own kids. We had people taking pictures all day long- some asked permission, most didn't. It's not unusual but it is still a bit unnerving. We had pictures taken in the parking lot at the grocery store last week (twice) and in Target, plus a few other places. As a matter of fact, the July issue of Twins magazine has a quote from me in it when I was talking about all of the times we get stopped by people wanting a picture. We actually had a lady in Tombstone come up to us and suggest that we should carry a camera and charge $2 per picture. (Can you say exploiting your kids? Geez, I'm not Kate Gosselin!)
The kids were on their best behavior when we were there. Maybe because I threatened to throw them in the jail?
Matthew volunteered to be the first to go!
My little cowgirls have never been to the wild west before but they are naturals. They begged Daddy to buy them pink hats and of course he could not resist. They had on their little cow shirts and their hair was braided (until Sarah pulled hers out.) Perfect little cowgirls indeed!
Twin 3-year olds driving a wagon? Endless fun! And it didn't even move.
"The Beast" takes on the town of Tombstone.
The "soiled doves" took a special liking to these little guys. In Tombstone, most of the town's residents dress in period clothing- including the ladies of the brothels. At one point we had several of these "ladies of the night" oohing and ahhing over the babies. Now that was quite a sight!
Tombstone was a lot of fun. I think we'll go back. I am always fascinated by history, and this town is full of it. Matthew enjoyed learning about the ghost towns and cowboys. Just as long as he doesn't ask me about the "Bird Cage Theatre" again we should be ok. Joshua most enjoyed the reenactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. We thought it might be too much for them, but we spoke to the actors after the show (they approached us to ask if we had 2 sets of twins) so the kids understood that they were just acting. Although now Joshua insists that he is going to be in a gunfight when he grows up so that is a little concerning.
I was thinking... when I die perhaps my tombstone should say "Cause of death: Six kids in five years."
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