Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting Solids

Nathan and Ryan are venturing into the exciting world of solid foods!
I am one of those people who delay solids until the end of the first year. Like their brothers and sisters, Nathan & Ryan are starting solids now at almost 11 months old. It may sound crazy, especially since my mom started me on solids (plums) at 2 weeks old. But it is healthier for babies to wait until they are at least 6 months and as an added bonus, it is so much easier for me. We don't do baby foods and I don't have to feed anybody. Because we all know I need things to be easy.
We started with some organic cheerios and I can tell you that a big benefit of delaying solids is that babies can go straight to table foods. Nathan and Ryan were able to pick up the cheerios with their fingers and self-feed. So easy! The next food they tried was some ripe avocado. It was a bit messier but Ryan enjoyed it. Next up was banana and that was a big hit with Ryan. They tried applesauce too but Nathan hated it.
Nathan is not a big fan of solids yet. He love the cheerios and yesterday he really liked the yogurt that I let him taste. Otherwise, he's not really interested in new tastes just yet. Ryan, on the other hand, will eat anything he can get into his mouth. Anything-even if it's not edible!

I'm sad to see that this first year is almost over. Starting solids is just the first step in the weaning process and that makes me sad. I'm excited about first birthday cakes and all of the adventures coming up in the coming months. These little guys are so different than my other children were as babies. They are needier and more dependent on me, and each other. They only have 4 teeth and the other kids all had a full mouth of teeth by this age. Neither of them is walking yet (thankfully!!!) even though their siblings had been walking for weeks by the time they were 11 months old. They are also much closer to each other than even the girls were when they were little.

They love to sleep next to each other and they even assume the exact same position. They are comforted by seeing each other and they like to touch each other. They are so sweet I could just eat them up!
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