Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sesame Place

We'd been promising the kids a trip to Sesame Place for weeks now. Joshua's birthday was the perfect time to make good on that promise so on Tuesday we celebrated in style with Elmo and the gang.

Joshua made sure to give Elmo a huge hug and let him know that he was "a whole hand" now. He's 5 years old! Elmo loved Joshua.

The girls (of course) were in love with Zoe. They showed her their new "princess wands" and Zoe immediately grabbed Leila's and waved it around as she spun in circles. The girls were absolutely delighted.

They could barely contain themselves and gave Zoe the biggest hug ever!
And here is a random picture of me that Jason snapped when I wasn't looking. I just thought you'd like to see proof that I do exist!

Nathan took his first carousel ride and was excited to point at all of the horses. He's such a sweetheart sometimes!

The highlight of my day was meeting Gisela. We've known each other online for more than 3 years and Jason even went to school with her brother. We'd never actually met though, so this was a real treat! Her oldest son is the same age as Leila and Sarah but he had no trouble keeping up with Matthew and Joshua.

Another interesting thing was that I ran into another mom with two sets of twins! She spotted me right away and came over to chat. Her oldest set were 7-year old boys and her younger set were 2-year old girls. On top of that, her husband is also in the Army. He was actually the one who first approached me and started talking about having multiple multiples. Two families with two sets each of boy/boy and girl/girl twins, both with military dads? What are the chances of THAT?
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