Friday, July 17, 2009


I have to share some of these pictures from Joshua's pool party. So what if these were taken 3 weeks ago? Yes, I am that slow.
We've been a little preoccupied with kissing Daddy. Just a bit.
Joshua blew out 5 candles this year. My "little" 11-lb baby boy has grown into a "little" kindergartner. As he has proudly proclaimed, "Now I'm a whole hand!"

It was so much fun to spend a few days with Jason's family. His sister is amazing with the kids. I cannot wait to be her neighbor when we get to Virginia. Anyone want to guess how long it will take before she is sick of us? (I'm guessing a week- or less.)

Sometimes I just stare at these girls and wonder how on earth I am lucky enough that they are mine. Seriously, how did two babies live inside me? (Twice!) They are just too cool. Twins really do share a special bond.

One of Joshua's favorite gifts was this water cannon that shoots water over 40 feet. He spent quite a bit of time trying to hit his cousin David with it.

Joshua enjoyed opening gifts and was especially delighted that his big brother picked something out just for him. Matthew even paid with his own money! Now that is love. Sometimes (ok, usually) they fight like cats and dogs but it's nice to get an occasional reminder that they do love each other.

Yet another penguin cake. He requested a penguin cake with red, white, and blue. I did my best. Those blobs of icing with carrot slivers are supposed to be penguins.

Uncle Rick got stuck on baby duty more than once. But you know what? I don't think he really minded too much!

Gee, do you think Jason missed his girls or what? I told you there was a lot of kissing going on!

No day could be complete without Matthew making his usual face. That. Boy. Is. Weird.

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