Monday, July 13, 2009

The Beautiful Southwest

These are some of the pictures from the last part of our trip. We spent a night in San Angelo, TX where we lived 4 years ago. It was during that move from TX to GA that I got pregnant with the girls!

We watched the fireworks there and drove around looking at the town. It hasn't changed a bit. I didn't really enjoy our time in Texas... We were supposed to be there for 4 months but it turned into 9 months and we didn't have any of our household items. Everything was in storage. Jason missed the start date for his class there and in general it was not a happy time. I had a miscarriage that spring and we went all year without seeing family. It was hard.

I have to admit that I was a little glad to get the heck out of Texas again! (Especially after our dog had diarrhea all over the back of Jason's car and all over the floor at the hotel.)

The view remained the same for hours. Nothing to see but desert and open highway. It remained cloudy with intermittent rain. It was here that we saw the tarantula. YUCK.

Finally, we reached El Paso. That big brown fence in the picture above is the border of Mexico. We took a little (accidental) detour into a tiny, little border town so that I could mail our postcard. It ended up being a big detour when we got stuck at an intersection where there was a traffic accident and then had to find our way back to highway.

New Mexico was beautiful and not nearly as creepy as I remembered it from our last trip. I guess the UFOs don't come out during the day, huh?

The views were just breathtaking as we headed farther and farther west.

In the middle of New Mexico we ran into a series of huge storms. There was nickel-sized hail (twice!) and wind strong enough to topple my trailer. I had to slow down to a crawl. Then the blinding rain git and visibility was near zero. Out of nowhere I came across a detour sign and the entire interstate was shut down- both westbound lanes. We exited off the highway and followed a 20 mile detour on a narrow country road. Apparently there was a major accident just minutes before we got there.

After one of the storms I saw a set of rainbows. I told the girls they were twin rainbows! I couldn't get a decent picture while driving. The twin rainbows were a much bigger hit than the sign for "Twin Buttes Reservoir" that we had seen earlier.
As daylight faded we enjoyed the spectacular scenes in Arizona. The mountains here are amazing! We actually had no idea that we were going to be living at the foot of these huge mountains until the morning after we arrived. When it was dark it looked like open desert but when the sun rose we saw that there are 7,000-9,000 foot mountains right at our doorstep. How cool is that?
Oh, and the swamp cooler? It's all we've got so we are making it work. It's about 72 at night and 78 during the day. We keep it running 24/7 (along with the fans) and we have a window cracked in each room. Still sweaty at night but what can I do? I guess we are still acclimating!
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