Thursday, June 04, 2009

Down on the Farm

We took an afternoon trip to a local farm. It's an historic farm in the middle of the hustle & bustle of Northern Virginia. The kids loved it!

My favorite part was seeing the piglets. They just reminded me of my children. Besides, Jason always said I looked like a mama pig with all of my hungry, little piglets nursing on me all day. He meant it in a most loving way, I promise.
Sarah wanted to pose for me. She loves to have her picture taken but rarely makes a normal face. She likes to do this weird staring thing that freaks me out a little.

See what I mean?

Leila was so excited that she ran from pen to pen to see each animal.

The mama pig came in and wanted a minute to herself, away from the piglets. I know how she feels. Of course the piglets followed her, squealing louder and louder. It was the loudest sound I've ever heard a pig make before! They became frantic and started ramming their heads into their mama.
Finally, the mama pig could resist no longer. She grunted and flopped onto her side. Her squealing offspring rushed to find a nipple. It was a moment of chaos.

Suddenly, all was calm. The piglets were quietly suckling and mama was peacefully laying with them. She closed her eyes and relaxed.
I know exactly how she feels.

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