Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twinsanity at it's Best!

How have you all been celebrating Mother's Day? Anyone lucky enough to get breakfast in bed?

You wouldn't believe my day. It's been great but it's still a perfect example of why this is twinsanity!

I was woken up before 7am by hungry babies crawling all over me. Then my sweet 6-year old crawled into bed to tell me he loves me- just like he does every morning. (I love that kid!) Then my almost-5-year old joined us in bed, followed by the two girls of the house who wanted to nurse and eat breakfast and could I please get out of bed NOW?
All I wanted for Mother's Day was for my kids to have a great day with me. So I got everyone dressed and we loaded up the van and headed to church. It's been a few weeks since we last attempted a trip to church. I am terrified to leave anyone in the nursery because they always get sick. This week I decided to drop the big boys off at Sunday School and take the 4 littles into the service with me. I laid out a blanket on the floor in the back of the service and they played (quietly!) while I enjoyed a good sermon about (who else?) mothers.

The pastor was giving out gift certificates to local restaurants for some of the mothers. First he asked for the mom with the most children. I may have had the most children, but there was a grandmother there with 16 grandchildren so she had me beat. Then they asked for the mom with the youngest child. They started with moms of a child 3 years old or younger. I have 4 of those but I still didn't win! Someone had a 3-month old. (Shouldn't 2 8-month olds count for something?)
After church we went to the local health food store to do some grocery shopping. They were also offering free lunch for mothers at their delicious salad bar. I told the kids they were treating me to lunch. We ate and I downed an iced mocha while pushing "The Beast" and pulling a loaded grocery cart across the parking lot in the sweltering heat. But somehow I was still having a great day!

Next we hit the commissary so I could grab a few things for our trip and snacks for the soccer game next week. This was the first time I've taken all 6 kids to the commissary. We do the other stores but I have been skipping the commissary for the last 5 months. Amazingly we managed to get in, get our groceries, and get out without any meltdowns. We only had to use the restroom twice. Joshua peed 4 times in less than 2 hours this afternoon thanks to a bottle of water that I let him drink on his own.

I got a ton of compliments on my well-behaved angelic children. Nobody knew I bribed them with muffins from the health food store. We came home and now I'm nursing the babies and basking in the joy of motherhood.
Remind me of this great day tomorrow when my children turn back into heathens, ok?
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