Thursday, May 21, 2009

Q & A

I've been meaning to go through and answers the questions that you all ask but I just never seem to get around to doing it. So here are some answers that I'm finally getting around to posting.

In response to the photo of our cabin decorated with cloth diapers:
Q. How did you get those diapers up there???

A. I am a giant. I can stand on my tippy toes and reach just about anything. Ok, I'm really not a giant. But I am 5' 10" so I'm pretty tall.

Q. Question. I am about 99.9% sure I am seeing Thirsties AIOs hanging up there. How do you get them to work for you?

A. I love Thirsties! They fit the babies really well actually. I have never tried them on the girls because we used to use Happy Heinys almost exclusively. I stuff the Thirsties AIO with an extra insert for overnight but we've never had any leaks.

In response to my post about ISR swim lessons:
Q. That is so cool! the few times I've seen it, it makes me think that the kids are scared. Were your kids worried or scared at all?

A. My girls were not scared until the second day of lessons when they knew they would have to open their eyes under water. They cried on and off for the first week or two but they were never being forced to do something they weren't capable of doing. Just like a child crying in frustration when learning to tie their shoes, they were just learning something new and challenging. I saw a huge change after the second week of lessons. Now they are confident in the water and able to save themselves should they ever find themselves in a drowning situation.

The babies cried for the first few lessons and then would cry as they went into the water for each lesson after that. They don't cry when they're floating- they are actually very, very calm. They love the water and I feel a lot safer knowing that they can both float now.

It looks scary, but we really enjoyed our ISR lessons. The girls keep asking to go back and they just graduated last week! I am so glad that we had them do the lessons. I have always been so scared of someone falling into the water when I have them out somewhere. I feel so vulnerable when I've got 6 little ones that are dependent on me to save them should anything go wrong!

In response to my post about Jason leaving:
Q. I feel sorry for you... and your family. How long is he gone?

A. He is away at one of the officer leadership courses right now. He graduates in October and then has 2 weeks of leave. Then he reports to Ft. Lewis, WA and deploys for one year. He'll be home around October of 2010.

Q. Why will it be his last night in that house?

A. Jason won't be coming back to our home. We have to move to Washington so he may never see our house in Georgia again.

There ya go... some answers! You can ask me just about anything and I promise I'll try not to take a month to answer.
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