Friday, April 17, 2009

Where I've Been

I've been hiding again. Did you miss me? I have missed my bloggy friends! Aside from my usual diaper changing, nursing twin babies, nursing twin toddlers, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and everything else that I try to cram into a day, lately there has been even more going on. And as soon as I come up for air, I'll share the details.

We've been cleaning up from the tornado. We need to have someone remove some fallen trees and we need to have our roof checked, but otherwise we were very lucky. Our next-door neighbors were in their living room when the tornado hit and it blew out their windows. There is debris everywhere and their roof has been leaking. They are an elderly couple and they were terrified by the unexpected storm. They are so sweet though. They were worried about me and the kids and even went over to retrieve our grill and propane tank that had blown away. I really can't even believe how fortunate we were that we weren't home and that we didn't lose our roof like some houses down the street. It's just crazy!

We have also been having back-to-back showings of our house. We have had 3 showings just in the last week. It's extremely stressful for me to try to keep the house clean and be ready to vacate at a moment's notice when someone is coming to look at it. I load the kids and the dog up into van and get out of the house. I am just ready for it to be done. It's really starting to wear on me. I'd love it if the house sold before Jason leaves again.

Matthew lost another tooth. Such a big milestone for my firstborn son! He may be 6 years old, but he's still my baby. Besides, he is the only one of my kids that even looks like me. We have a special bond. He's growing up so fast and it's hard for me to believe it!

I have been having very bad headaches for the last month or so. I think I need to get to the eye doctor soon as it seems to be worse when I wear my contact lenses. Just add that to my to-do list...

Jason has been back at work all week. It's so wonderful to have him here in the evenings though. I have to stop and wonder ow on earth I made it through the last 3 months without him. Seriously, did I really do that? Ugh. It makes me dread doing it again.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the birth of a client. This is a mom whose first birth I attended and we became good friends. I was incredibly blessed to be there as she welcomed her second child into the world. The timing worked out perfectly and I was able to spend my Easter morning reveling in the joy of new life. New life for this precious baby boy and new life for me, thanks to my Heavenly Father. It was a great Easter Sunday!

Both sets of twins are enrolled in ISR swim lessons right now. They started this week and have been doing so well! We were blessed to get a scholarship to cover some of the cost of the (expensive) lessons. I am going to upload video of one of their lessons soon. You have to see it! My 7-month old babies are learning to float on their backs. My bold little girls who previously jumped into the water and sank like lead are now learning to be cautious and to swim to the side of the pool if they should fall in. It's really amazing to see and I am so glad that we are able to have them learn such a lifesaving skill.

On Thursday night the 4 big kids started soccer at our church. Matthew and Joshua have played before but this is the first year that Leila and Sarah have played. They love it! It gives us an excuse to get out of the house and get some exercise. Because we all know that I am prone to hibernate when left alone with my half dozen little ones.

I'm still in survival mode. Even though Jason is home for a few weeks I am still struggling to stay afloat. My email inbox has well over 1200 messages, most of which I will never get around to replying to, even though I read each one. I have started quite a few blog posts that I've never finished. I have questions that I hope to answer soon and lots of pictures to post from our trip home. If only there were a few more hours in the day... For now I can only focus on eating, sleeping, changing diapers, taking care of the kiddos, and working in an occasional shower. Anything else is just on the back burner at the moment.

And yes, it's after midnight. And yes, I should be sleeping. But this is the only quiet time I've had in days!
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