Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Going To Be Bald

Do see the look on Leila's face? That is attitude. Plain and simple. The girl is feisty.

I'm getting ready to pull my hair out in clumps.

It's just one thing after another here!

And the biggest thorn in my side right now is my income tax return from 2007. It keeps coming back to haunt me- over and over again. Three separate reassessments have been done by the IRS. First they say we owe, then we don't, now we do. I had already packed up our files in preparation for the big move. Now I'm in the garage digging through boxes trying to find papers that aren't where they should be.

The babies are teething. Either that or they are possessed. But they have been so clingy lately and are just a lot fussier than usual. Leila does not appreciate this recent development. Ever since Jason has been home she has taken to hurting the babies. She is extremely jealous. It's all the time- not just when they are nursing or when I'm holding them. She climbs into bed with them in the morning and tries to smother them. She really wants them out of here! I've never, ever had to deal with the jealousy issue before. I'm completely at a loss here. What do I do?
(Don't let her fool you! She is actually getting ready to body slam him.)

Both babies are crawling like crazy and trying to stand up. I have to be diligent about picking up the little toys that the big kids leave on the floor. Last night Nathan tried to eat Cinderella's glass slipper. This morning Ryan was eating a hair bow. I'm busting out the baby gates that I bought at the consignment sale.

Our house is never going to sell. I am doomed to live in Georgia forever. Heat and humidity, pine trees and mosquitoes... I will never get away.

On the bright side, the tornado damage for us was so minor compared to our next-door neighbors. They were home when the tornado hit and it blew out all of their living room windows. They were terrified. They were so relieved that we were not home. (Me too!) The tornado started just behind us as an EF1 but by the time it ended it was an EF3 with 150 mph winds. It did millions of dollars of damage in our area. Millions. I promise I will not complain about our storm damage any more!

Jason's cousin was killed in a tragic car accident on Thursday. She was only 22 and was just married last August. Even worse, her parents were killed in a car accident when she just a year old. Her grandparents raised her until high school and then they died too. And now she's gone. I do find great comfort in knowing that she was a Christian and that she is now rejoicing to be with the parents that she never knew.

I'm definitely going to pull my hair out. But I will also be praying. Because in all of this, things are still not as awful as they seem. And I know that God is still who He always was, even when things just suck. So even though I may be bald when you see me next, do know that I am still keeping the faith. Things are bound to get better soon, right?

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