Monday, April 06, 2009


I wanted to share some pictures from the last week. This should give you some idea of the level of anticipation in our house. It was just like waiting for Christmas!

Right now we are in Virginia (again!) visiting family. Jason has been really looking forward to this trip home so we are making the best of it!

Sarah tried to stay up all night as she watched me pack suitcases and load up the trailer. She tried really, really hard but in the end she just passed out. Standing up.

On the morning that we drove to Fort Benning I woke up at 5:30am. I put the dog bed in the van and carried out my purse and our snacks. Everything else was already loaded up and ready to go. Then I quietly carried each child out, one by one. Matthew was the only one that actually walked out to the van. I buckled everyone into their carseats and locked up the house. The kids asked me a few questions but within 20 minutes they were all fast asleep.
I drove almost all the way to Columbus, GA before anyone woke up. We never even stopped for breakfast. I called Jason to tell him that we wanted to meet him for breakfast and he was amazed that I'd actually left so early.
We agreed on a place to meet and the kids and I anxiously waited in the parking lot. The girls were absolutely adorable. They were so giggly and excited. They could not sit still!

The van was filled with squealing children. At one point all 6 of them were making some kind of joyful noise.

Finally Jason's car appeared. Much screaming ensued.
There were big hugs all around. I maintained my composure and resisted the urge to cry on Jason's shoulder. Seeing my kids so happy made me so happy.

I think the next separation will be easier now that they know what to expect. They know that Daddy is going to come home. They know that he does still love them. They know that there will be lots of eager anticipation and a big, wonderful reunion. We'll count this as practice for the big deployment next year. We can do it! And I think we'll be just fine.
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