Sunday, March 08, 2009

Back and Better Than Ever!

Wow! I have been so lost over the last couple of weeks. Life has been coming at me full speed and I've been struggling just to fulfill our basic needs (food, clothing, sleep, diapers.) Everything else has had to take a backseat to basic survival. I've felt so incredible isolated lately.

I can't possible sit and write about everything that's happened while I've been on my blogging hiatus. I'm going to try to tackle it a bit each day because so much has happened that I need to record it here for my own memory as much as for my need to share.

For one thing, the changes in the babies recently have been so profound. They are becoming more and more independent. They have favorite toys and favorite songs. They are moving so quickly and getting so adorably chubby. They hit the big 6-month milestone last week and now weigh more than Leila and Sarah did at their first birthday.
This age is so much fun! Each day is better than the previous one and it just keeps getting better and better. I watch my little guys as they explore and learn and play. It's bittersweet to realize that their first year is now half over. I feel like I haven't yet had a chance to stop and catch my breath!
Aside from loving on these sweet boys, I've been busy doing so many other things. I am awaiting the arrival of my brother tonight as he drives in from Colorado with his girlfriend. Yes, I called for reinforcements! I've been doing this solo for weeks now and I need to get some things done around the house that I just can't do without help (i.e. clean the garage and paint.)
I will have to write about the rest of our trip to Virginia and back. We ended up getting snowed in by that snow storm that made its way up the east coast. I finally made it home on Tuesday only to break Jason's computer. I have been able to use the computer but not the keyboard which is why I couldn't say much in my last post. I was actually using the character map in Windows to individually click on each letter with the mouse. You try typing sentences like that sometime. It's lots of fun!

I've got 700 pictures to upload from my camera and so many thoughts swirling in my head that I can barely think straight. I've had yet another article published in a magazine this month and I put a contract on a house in Virginia. Somehow I convinced Joshua that I actually have eyes in the back of my head. Jason got some not-so-good news. I must write this stuff down because I don't want to forget! I just need to finish cleaning dirty clothes out my van first. It's a 7-day process and I'm only on day 5 right now. I'm slowly digging out and finding my way back out into the sunlight.

Oh, and those of you who guessed that the picture in the last post was a heart were correct. It was supposed to be a Valentine's Day picture but better late than never, right?
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