Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Already?

We've been having so much fun! Despite Daddy's occasional grumpiness we have really had a great time this weekend. But today is Sunday and that means tomorrow we must say good-bye again. Six weeks down, six more to go until Jason's graduation from the first part of OCS.
The kids have spent most of the weekend jumping or climbing on Jason. The girls used the (fake) roses that Daddy bought them for Valentine's Day as pretend baseball bats. It was all fun and games until someone got whacked in the head.

I've discovered that we can pretty much live harmoniously in a tight space. Eight people and a dog can be crammed into a 300 sq ft space and live to tell about it. It sure would be nice to have a bigger bead though. I've spent the last 2 nights using the edge of the nightstand as a pillow since Nathan and Ryan are perfectly happy to shove me out of the bed.

Tomorrow we'll be loading up the van and the new trailer. I bought an enclosed 5x8 trailer from someone on Craig's List. It's quite a sight to see our 12 passenger van towing a big, white trailer. Although I'm sure it's not as funny as seeing the van with "The Beast" attached. We get stares from passing cars as they try to figure out what on earth we are towing behind our van. Is that some kind of funky wheelchair? Stadium seating with wheels? A homemade contraption of some sort? What is that thing???

Next stop on the tour... Virginia. Actually, I'm sure there will be plenty of stops all the way up I-95 between Georgia and Virginia. Look for the giant van and big, white trailer. Maybe I'll have the trailer painted with camouflage so we don't attract as much attention. Or maybe it should have flames since we are hell on wheels?
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