Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Road To Crazy Town

The time has come. We're packing for Part 1 of our traveling circus tour. Can you believe it's February already? Jason has been gone for more than a month and I'm still alive, as are all 6 kids. It's nothing short of a miracle, that's for sure.

Tomorrow morning we'll get up bright and early and hit the road. I will definitely be updating you all because it's sure to be quite amusing. I'm sure there will be various mishaps (and lots of roadside peeing) along the way.

Have you ever noticed that things always go wrong at the worst time? It's Murphy's Law, right? Since Jason left it's been like that at our house. Everything is falling apart! Some of it is just little things like the screen door breaking and a light bulb burning out way up high where I'd have to use a ladder to reach it. Some things are a little more important like the dishwasher tipping over because it came unscrewed or the garbage disposal getting clogged. And there's the really important stuff like my computer crashing. Which left me no choice but to use Jason's computer and he doesn't ever let me touch his computer (for good reason, I assure you.)

I'm trying to talk my brother into coming to help me for a few weeks. After all, he's jobless and homeless and has nothing better to do. You'd think he'd love to help out his big sis, right? Well, maybe. But not if his girlfriend has any say in it.

For now I'm a one woman show and I'm hitting the streets. Won't you join me on the road to Crazy Town?
There's only one way to get there. Of course.

Please excuse the grainy photos from my cell phone. We took an impromptu trip to the walking track on base yesterday and I didn't bring my camera.
We parked by the big pavilion and walked 2 miles around the huge track. By the time we got back to the pavilion we realized that a part to "The Beast" had fallen off somewhere along the way. That stroller may be heinous and some might even call it downright fugly, but it's our only mode of transportation when I'm going out solo.
So we took a second trip around the track in search of the missing stroller part. In all, we walked/jogged over 4 miles. And we never found the piece of the stroller.

We did stop and eat a picnic dinner with our good friend Christen and her 3 children. The kids ran around the pavilion like maniacs. Big surprise, huh?

Leila was particularly excited to be able to put her "outside voice" to good use.

Ryan was content to quietly observe from the stroller.
I'm sorry, but these bald babies just crack me up! I've never had a baby that had so little hair! I laugh whenever I look at their pictures. What a face, too. He looks like he was chugging margaritas, not breastmilk. (It was just breastmilk, I swear.)

This morning we took another trip to the walking track. Still no stroller part. But I think I may fit into my ball gown if I keep this up!
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