Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is Coming

Today we are watching the inauguration events as part of the boys' school lessons. Jason and I took Matthew and Joshua with us when we voted back in November and we've talked a lot about the election process. I think Matthew has a very good understanding of politics for someone his age. He is always full of questions.

While I may not share the same beliefs as Obama, I am hoping and praying that he will work hard for our country. He has a monumental task ahead of him. There are so many challenges that our nation faces right now.

Obama has plans to withdraw troops from Iraq within the next 16 months. If this is true then perhaps Jason will not be deployed after all. The selfish part of me wants it to be true even though I truly want what is best for our nation, regardless of any personal sacrifice we must make.

Am I the only one who is incredibly moved by the sight of seeing a new president take his oath? Even if I didn't vote for them, it is such an awesome sight to see democracy in action. Today we had the unique privilege of witnessing the inauguration of our first black president. It is such an amazing, historic event.

Change is coming.

I am always emotional at military ceremonies and today was no different. President Obama is our new Commander-In-Chief. He's Jason's big boss. (Ok, maybe not the Big Boss, but definitely the biggest boss here on earth- besides me.)

We watched in wonder as we saw all of the crowds gathered in front of the Capitol. Washington, DC is my old stomping ground. I spent 25 years of my life growing up in the shadow of our nation's capital. I've been inside the White House, the Capitol, the monuments, the museums, and traipsed across the Mall and through Georgetown many, many times. It is always fascinating to see the city transform when a new president moves in on Pennsylvania Avenue.

(On a side note, do you know what the traffic is like there? Yikes! It's insane. Yesterday my mom left our house and she said there were already police cars and security forces in place all along the road home. She literally lives just minutes from Washington.)

I wish I could say that my children were busy absorbing each historic moment as it unfolds, but they have been a bit distracted today.

It's hard to pay attention to the boring news when you're a kid.
Especially when it's snowing! In Georgia! It's actually snowing in the south today.
What? You can't see those microscopic flakes? Perhaps I should enlarge the pictures so that the tiny specks become visible to the naked eye?

We can't get enough of it! The boys have seen snow before. They have skied and sledded in it. Matthew has even been in a blizzard before. But we moved away from the DC area 5 years ago this week. And since then we've lived in California, Texas, and then Georgia. So we haven't seen much of the white stuff in a long time.
Leila and Sarah have only seen snow twice before. Once was last winter when we had another freak snow storm blow through and spit out flurries for about 2 hours. The other time was when we were home in VA visiting one year.

"Let it snow! Let it snow!"

Is Sarah praying for more snow? Actually, I believe she is just trying to catch some in her hands.
Joshua would rather catch it in his mouth.

And Matthew says that he's lived in Georgia for too long because now he gets cold too easily. Really? Because I caught him wearing shorts just last month.

It's ok, they'll get used to the snow. Because we're moving to Virginia and then to Washington... where we will not be able to wear tee shirts all winter with no jacket.

Change is coming.
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