Monday, December 29, 2008

On the Move (x2)

In some sick, cruel twist of fate the babies are becoming mobile. Because my life needs more excitement, right?

They have been rolling over since they were a few weeks old. I kid you not. I even have video to prove it because it sounds unbelievable!

But yesterday Nathan did a 180 while playing on the floor. Then Ryan somehow propelled himself forward. They are pushing up with their bellies and chests off of the floor and then launching forward.

Nathan can turn around in circles so fast it would make your head spin.

Between the rolling and the body flinging they can get around. I'm terrified. I know what comes next. Don't say it. Don't even mention the word crawling.

I am not ready for this yet! Mobile babies? I was kind of hoping they'd prefer to just lay around for a few more years.

I'm going to need a rubber room. For me, not them.

ETA: Ryan just sat up unassisted for the first time! What the heck is going on today?
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