Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

We have had so much going on in our house this week. And it's only Tuesday!

Yesterday I baked more than 20 dozen cookies. What was I thinking? I don't know. For some reason it seemed like a good idea at the time. Although I will admit that I only made 4 dozen from scratch and the rest were made using the bags of cookie mix or the ready-made dough. Then I made 2 dozen peanut butter balls because they are Jason's favorite Christmas treat.

At the end of the day my kitchen looked like a bakery. A bakery with 6 loud kids (lawnmower, remember?) and a sink overflowing with dishes. I ran out of counter space and couldn't even fit all of the cookies into the same picture. I had to start boxing them up. I also had to get them away from the little hands that were desperate to sneak a bite!

Sarah is my "little Joshua." Joshua has always had a healthy appetite. He weighed over 11 lbs at birth so he was just born big and hungry! He will take food that is left out on the counter. He'll finish up Matthew's food that is left on the plate. He is always telling me that he's hungry. And now Sarah is following suit. She eats Leila's food off of her plate. She asks for seconds at every meal. Last week she stole a jar of strawberry jam and was hiding under the kitchen table, eating it with her fingers right out of the jar. Yesterday she piled 3 couch pillows on the floor under the counter so she could reach the cookies. When Jason caught her she said "Daddy, go away." He asked, "Why? So you can steal a cookie?" She very seriously answered "Yes."

Can you blame her? Even Jason was stealing cookies!

As if baking wasn't enough, I have been sewing too. I had planned to make each of the children a new comforter for their bed (babies included) and wanted to attempt to make a softie doll for each of the girls. I also have 3 carseat covers to sew for a friend. So far I've finished M's comforter, cut out J's comforter, cut out the babies' comforters, finished both softie dolls, and finished one of the carseat covers.

I'm just lucky I can get anything completed these days! The softie dolls did turn out to be absolutely adorable. Jason thinks they look scary. I call it whimsical.

See how their hair swirls different directions? Just like my girls. I know L & S will love them!

Today was our appointment with the ENT to discuss the babies' tongue ties. The doctor agreed that their tongues are still restricted and that the will benefit from surgery to correct it. They tried to schedule us for the end of January but I begged to have it done sooner since we are having so many issues right now. They scheduled us for January 2nd.

This is a minor surgery. It's the same one that Joshua had last year. They'll put the babies to sleep, cut the frenulum, suture it, and wake them up. It should be a 15 minute surgery for each of them. I'm not sure if they'll get done at the same time or one after the other. This time I am going back with them until they are anesthetized and I will be there when they wake up. I'll be so glad when it's over.

Hopefully the surgery will bring an end to our constant breastfeeding struggles. Hopefully it brings an end to the hysterical crying, gas, and spitting up. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift for all of us!

Every day is such a blur right now. Is it really Christmas next week?
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