Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Real Home

4:45am- Alarm goes off.

5:19am- Jason starts piling kids into the van. I'm nursing babies.

6:02am- We're pulling out of the driveway! Good-bye Georgia!

9:18am- Eating breakfast at South of the Border. We enjoy a nutritious feast of donuts, bananas, and orange juice. Babies enjoy a feast of breastmilk. Walk the dog. Change diapers.

9:40am- On the road again.

10am-11am- Detour very far off of the highway to go to a Starbucks drive thru so that I can stay awake. So tired!!! Boys pee in the grass off to the back of a parking lot.

11:48am- Stopping for gas. Feed kids lunch in the van. Nurse babies. Change diapers. Eat my lunch as we hit the road again.

1:40pm- Welcome to Virginia! This is my real home. I miss this place!

2:18pm- Final stop to feed and change babies. Give big kids snack. Stretch.

4:00pm- Arrive at Aunt Jessie's house and revel in the fact that I somehow managed to drive over 600 miles with 6 children by myself. And we all survived. Pretty much.
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